Divorced on the Redneck Riviera by Ms. Linnie Delmar
About the Book
Finding the One
By Ms. Linnie Delmar
AuthorHouse, 2017
Available as E-book, Soft Cover and Hard Cover
Reading this book will inspire you, entertain you, but will never bore you because of her sincere efforts to please you. Linnie's Southern humor and her unique style of writing you'll feel like you've known her for years like you would an ole friend. The exciting adventures continue to follow her where ever she goes. Her safe bubble of life, as she calls it, has not been broken yet. Some of her stories haven't always had happy endings in her last book "DIVORCED ON THE REDNECK RIVIERA." But in this book, the happy endings and beginnings are happening every day not only to Linnie but to people who have reached out telling their story in their own words of how they met "THE ONE"!
About the Author
Ms. Linnie Delmar has been a Licensed Massage Therapist for more than 25 years. She
continues to work out of her home/day spa in Fairhope, Alabama. Her dedication and
exceptional talent of having a one-of-a-kind massage technique sets her apart from
the others. She continues to travel around the world with A-list actors and over 10
motion picture production companies. She has also had four husbands on her life’s
journey and continues to council women and men who
have the task of starting their life over as a single person
again. She wrote this book with the hope that you will
listen to your inner spirit and find the strength to
celebrate your uniqueness!
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